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    Let's get this party started!

    Welcome to the party, its a slow start but it will gain some traction in the months following.
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    Hello from Texas

    When I was job hunting I almost went to Texas but a company in GA got to me first. I like the area I am in it now. Welcome to the forum and although your not that active I thank you for joining and coming to the forum I hope this can be a great forum.
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    Other Hobbies

    I want to get a farm like that started but I have to find a place to settle down first. Right now we are 4 months into a relocation so we are in rent mode. Housing out here when I am at is great plenty of houses with land, but they are expensive.
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    Giving this a whirl..

    Welcome to SES, ya I hate to wake up in the middle of the night. I now live in Georgia also in the effingham area.
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    Yep..its me!

    It sucks I would have paid for it everything someone paid into it. I know Dougie sold it for decent and I would have paid that back to anyone to get it. I tried to buy it from Dougie but didnt have the funds at that moment.
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    Email works now

    I got the email working now so you can verify yourself and will get emails when notifications go out.
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    Yep..its me!

    Not sure, I tried to track the new owner from Dougie. The guy he sold it to over at GunBrand is no longer in business and looks to went to real estate, I could not get him to respond via any emails. I tried to contact the WHOIS owner and I will say its on the same server as ODT which I tried to...
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    Other Hobbies

    Life does take tolls over hobbies. I am finally getting into firearms again and working to build my arsenal back up as well as I just purchased another 1/10 rc car so me and my 5y/o can run around the yard. I have a ECX Rukus and now I have a no name brand one coming.
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    Yep..its me!

    I am working to get the name out there. Welcome to Southeast Shooters. I tried my best to get SET but I cant get anyone to respond or admit they own or dont own it. I figure it will eventually go offline.
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    Other Hobbies

    What are some other hobbies that you have besides Firearms? I use to Mountain bike on a regular basis but got out of that when I was unable to go due to kids. I am into modifying my truck like lift, tires, accessories. I am into some games and playing with my kids. I also have a ECX...
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    Hey Guys, I am the founder of SES, I live in Georgia and a huge firearms enthusiast.
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    FN509 Bass Pro Exclusive

    Recently got the FN509 from bass pro with the viper vortex red dot. Sweet little firearm have not had the time to shoot it but it came with all the bells and whistles.
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    Welcome to Southeast Shooters!

    Southeast Shooters is a gun forum for the South East United States Like Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. The reason behind Southeast Shooters is because many forum over the last few years have went to crap and...